Mexico and Central America Experiences

Location Date Experience Cruise line, and reporter
Ensenada Mexico March, 2017 On the pier there are two ship docking spaces. One pointing toward the town, and one crossways and parallel to the shore.  Each spot has building with several tourist shops inside. The spot where a ship parks pointing toward the town has the larger building, and the one where I stopped, parallel to the shore, has a smaller building. The smaller building has a tiny stand just outside the door toward the parking area where you can buy alcohol. They had several bottled beer choices (Corona was one) at $2.50 each.  I did not buy any, but there were a few stools and, as I recall, a couple of modest tables nearby to sit and drink the beers.  Our short shore tour took us into town, where local cantinas seemed plentiful - some seeming to appeal to a louder, younger audience.

I would be surprised if the larger building did NOT have a similar "bar" station like the one that I saw connected to the smaller building.

Princess, Donzie
Loreto Mexico March 2016 Sidewalk cafe, just off the square. Called Agave Restaurant Bar. Tourists funnel right past this place to enter or leave the town square.

$2 beers, reasonably priced chips and guacamole, and many inquiries from passers-by, regarding the cost of the beers, and the nacho quality.  Sit back a row or two from the sidewalk to avoid the questions.


L: Heavy foot traffic past that tree. R: No funds wasted on signage.

There were many other cafes, but this one seemed in the middle of the action.
I felt that the exchange rate for dollars, may, or may not have been a bit generous to their economy.  By then, I did not care.

Princess, Donzie
Puerto Vallarta Mexico March, 2016 There is a "flea market" just outside of the fenced area, along with a round building that one goes around.  In the fenced compound there are some "modest" booths with beer for sale at a decent price. As soon as exit the "compound" there is a restaurant with outdoor seating on the way to the entrance to the flea market..  I believe at this one, you got a bucket of 5? Coronas for a decent price with an order of Nachos thrown in.   Great for people watching, but about 100% cruise passengers.

The employee was (not charming) and seemed to barely speak English, but the service was ok.  He seemed to show up at the right time to open the extra bottles.

Ruby Princess, Donzie