Caribbean Experiences

Location Date Experience Cruise line, and reporter
St Maarten 2014

Took a tender boat to the shore (or disembarked and then took a shuttle boat)  walked along a beachfront boardwalk, lined with cruise guest vendors. There were many open air restaurants and bars lining the walkway. Another couple and my wife and I sat along  a plastic table and people-watched drinking $2.00 or so beers

Suddenly, along came a New Orleans style mini parade of locals -playing music, and clearly enjoying entertaining the tourists.

Celebrity Eclipse, Donzie
St Maarten 2016 Suggested by a long time Oasis of the Seas employee on a youtube vide: HONKY TONK bar, near where the water taxi docks, along the boardwalk. He said: Tequila beers 6 for $12 and good food, nice folks.  Has good reviews on-line also.  Will try it in 2016. Donzie
St Maarten 9/2016 Never made it to the Honky Tonk, but it looked fine. It was super hot that day and we stopped at another place nearer the center Ferry pier. $1.50 beer Red Stripe, if I recall. - was cold, and OK but lousiest service ever.  I gave the first person $5 for the 2 beers, ordered two more, and eventually walked up to the counter and asked the other sleepy help (when she could no longer avoid eye contact) for the beers.  I won't mention the place since it may have been a "bad day", but next time I will walk further to the Honky Tonk and try it.

5/2017 - Follow up: I did try the Honky Tonk - on the way back from the $4.00 beers at the airport (where the planes come in right over the beach) - I had one of the Tequila beers and a coke for the missus - $5.00.  The bartender was very friendly, the beer was "different" but had a bite to it, and the brief visit there was nice.

St Lucia 2014

Just off the ship  (as best I can recall)  is a "compound" a large, oval shaped open-air mall - fenced in from the local community. Tourist shops circle the outside, and included an open-air $2.00 beer place and some tables and chairs.  This is a great place for non-shoppers to pass time and wait while others go around to the other buildings and shop.

Left: is the name of the bar, right: behind my brother-in-law, is the shopping area.

 Celebrity Eclipse Donzie