ABOUT Donzie and this website

About "The Beermaster" Scope of this website

The term Beermaster is a made-up title combining beer and webmaster. I am Donzie - veteran of a dozen or so cruises, mostly with Princess and Celebrity.

A retired married dude who enjoys beer. Donzie has a few amateur websites he has built over the years. Most notable of these is his car website www.GlassicAnnex.org established many years ago to support other hobbyists who own these Model A replicas.

None of his ventures on the web are for financial gain.

The goal here is to LIMIT the type of material that appears on this site.  The temptation to tell everything about everything is always present. This website does not want to replace the entire web, just speak to one, narrow piece of information.

Beer enjoyment on cruises, and at cruise stops.

Then, having written the above, I started thinking about some neat pieces of info that I found along the way - regarding cruising in general, so I added a page of other tips and tricks for the curious and clever traveler. I will add "cruise hacks" as other seasoned travelers share them.